A Business Improvement District (BID) is a not-for-profit collective of local businesses who have come together to help improve their immediate area. There are currently over 47 BIDs in London, each of whom create, develop and fund projects that benefit local business and the community.

BID projects are funded by a levy that businesses pay annually for a five year term. The amount billed is proportional to the size of the business premises. In Brixton the BID bill is 1.5% of the rateable value of the business, and only applies to premises with a rateable value of £5,000 or more.

The BID board is made up of managers and owners of local business who together agree on how best to spend the funds, giving every business the power to create greater change.

In addition, the BID acts as an intermediary between the council and the individual businesses in the area, providing a forum for businesses to develop stronger working partnerships.



Brixton is one of the most vibrant places in the UK. We exist to protect Brixton’s diverse range of businesses. Famed for its independent stores, award winning market, thriving night time economy and mix of high street brands – Brixton is a dynamic place to do business.

The Brixton BID provides the opportunity for we; the businesses in Brixton, to decide and govern what’s best for the area.

We pledge to focus on three key issues:

  • To strengthen business partnerships.
  • To better market the area.
  • To improve the local environment.

You can see the Brixton BID’s original proposal from the 2013 ballot campaign here.

Click here to see answers to FAQs about the Brixton BID.



 Stronger Partnerships


We’ve created a forum for Brixton businesses to share skills and best practice, helping build closer working relationships. In addition to the levy income, we will seek additional funding from sources such as the Greater London Authority as well as inviting sponsorship for specific events or projects.


Over 70 employees of local business have received free training in a range of skills from first aid, food hygiene, customer service and health and safety. In addition to certified skills, these training courses – delivered by Lambeth College – create networking opportunities for all involved.

The BID works with Lambeth’s Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) to help local businesses tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and also facilitates a quarterly forum with Brixton’s night-time economy businesses.

Two additional Metropolitan Police Officers will be funded by Brixton BID and will work with local businesses to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. Each business will be able to contact the dedicated officers directly, rather than having to make an emergency call. The officers will work shifts that enable them to cover the night time economy as well as the daytime economy.


With support from Brixton BID, retail specialists Adornment Group are launching a support project for Brixton retailers. The project is designed to encourage and enable long-standing Brixton businesses to adapt and thrive in the changing retail market. The first phase of this project is funded by the Lambeth Cooperative fund, with the BID funding further phases if successful.



Brixton has been identified as one of Greater London’s major centres. We aim to market Brixton better, to both businesses and customers. This will help increase footfall and further establish Brixton as a hub for entertainment, commerce and culture, boosting the local economy.


Businesses are entitled to a 1/8th-page advert on the BID page in the Brixton Bugle newspaper.

The BID will be funding the Brixton Design Trail, which is set to be a flagship event for the local area. During the week commencing 17 September 2016, Brixton’s town centre will be transformed. The BID is supporting this year’s event to be the biggest and best yet. BDT’s official London Design Festival Status means that new visitors will be attracted to Brixton from across the capital and beyond.

We have partnered with local charity Brand Amplifier to deliver a series of free workshops enabling businesses to evolve their brand and online presence.

The BID has supported events such as Brixton Splash, Brixton Design Week and the Opening of the Black Cultural Archives which all attract visitors to the area, promote local business on a wider scale and celebrate Brixton’s unique cultural and creative heritage.

In collaboration with the Brixton Pound, Brixton BID has produced a map to highlight landmarks, businesses, and hidden gems of Brixton so that visitors can see the best of the area.

Improved Environment


Brixton is where we work, live and enjoy, so we’re keen to ensure the environment is kept clean and safe for everybody that uses it. We offer a variety of services and deliver projects to improve the physical and trading environment for local businesses.


In 2016, Brixton BID secured funding from the Mayor of London to carry out a Green Infrastructure Audit. The audit will help the BID increase the green infrastructure in the area as well as help tackling London’s Air Quality problems.

Annual deep clean and more regular cleaning throughout the year.

Discounted recycling and waste collection service for Brixton businesses by signing up to our collective waste scheme. Those businesses who use our preferred supplier First Mile can save up to 40% or more on this core business cost. For more info call First Mile on 0800 612 9894 stating that you are a Brixton BID member.

Our collective buying scheme ‘Reducing Business Costs’ offers BID members the chance to save money on their utilities including gas & electricity, telecoms, safety, pest control, handyman, insurance, printing & stationary, training & security, merchant fees and much more. To start saving call 014 4441 6529 or email

Regular meetings, workshops, and events to give members the opportunity to access all our services.

Working with stakeholders including LB Lambeth, TfL, Market Traders and more to implement initiatives aimed at improving the local environment.

In the process of commissioning digital and printed maps, to ensure that businesses in less central locations don’t get left out of visitors’ itineraries.

Working with LB Lambeth to introduce contactless payment consoles to the market traders to enable customers to pay by card.




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Brixton Gets Its Own Orchard: A Cleaner Air Oasis from Spring 2017

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