Section-92 Police Officers

Brixton has an extra two police officers available that are paid for by local businesses and the Council. Constables Richard Weaver and Ian Nicholls are working with local businesses and providing an increased police presence around the town centre.

The two Metropolitan Police Officers are funded by Brixton BID (Business Improvement District) and are working with local businesses to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

Working with Lambeth Council, the BID has taken advantage of the Mayor of London’s Met Patrol Plus scheme. The scheme, previously known as BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free), allows local authorities to purchase additional constables.

Each business will be able to contact the dedicated officers direct, rather than having to make an emergency call. The officers are working shifts that enable them to cover the night time economy as well as the daytime economy.

For non-emergency contact, please email our officers on

Friday Night Briefing

30th March 2017

A meeting every other Friday to share intelligence and build a network amongst the NTE businesses.

Night-Time Economy Forum

30th March 2017

A quarterly meeting for Brixton’s vibrant night-time economy businesses to discuss issues related to the NTE.

High Street Fund

10th March 2017

Brixton BID is supporting the Lambeth Council and other stakeholders with the delivery of the Mayor of London’s High Street Fund program.

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