The Consultation Results Are In!

During the consultation, we asked our members which services are the most important to their business and which new initiatives would add the most value.


Businesses came together to set these priorities. These answers will form the basis of the Brixton BID’s plans for the next five years. The future proposal will set out a clear vision and detailed business plan for what we aim to achieve in the BID’s second term from 2019-2023. If successful, the BID will:


❖            Work with you and for you

❖            Champion the interest of Brixton to all stakeholders

❖            Add value to your investment


Emphatic ‘Yes’ Vote for a Second Term

1st November 2018

 Brixton BID members voted emphatically in favour of a second term. The yes vote means that local businesses have chosen to work together for Brixton […]


The Grimsey Review

5th July 2018

  The Grimsey Report is now here! Please read here.


News From Spiral Skill

29th June 2018

Next month, Spiral Skills are helping year 10’s from Evelyn Grace Academy to get excited about their future with a series of fun and interactive workshops. Professional interactions […]


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