Brixton Coffee Cup Recycling

15 Independent Coffee Shops to Recycling Paper Cups in Brixton

This month Brixton BID launch the first coffee cup recycling scheme in Lambeth, funded by Hubbub.

From 22 February you will be able to dispose of your paper take away cups in orange coffee cup bins around Brixton.

8 million coffee cups are thrown away in the U.K every day! Our aim in Brixton is to recycle at least 20% of all coffee cups used with the help of our partners in the project First Mile.

Paper cups currently can’t be recycled in mixed recycling bins as they’re made from paper with plastic linings to make the cups waterproof, this is why we are introducing specialist recycling bins for coffee cups only.

While reusable cups are the most environmentally friendly choice, we will be recycling the billions of paper cups that are still being used each year.

These cups will be collected and made into exciting recycled products such as notebooks and greeting cards.

Coffee Cup Recycling Bins Maps


If you would like to get involved in this project please email for more information.

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